Vital Becoming

Yoga Nidra

 is the practice of relaxing the body into a state of 'sleep' while keeping the mind fully alert. 

By deliberately cultivating relaxation on a physical level, the brain enters into an alpha-wave state,

which reduces stress, enhances creativity, and improves sleep. 


I believe we are all on a journey to learn and grow into our most authentic selves.

This process, of constantly evolving and transforming, is vital to who we are.

Whether the next step for you is starting to sleep better, or hearing your intuition more clearly, or understanding your subconscious beliefs, Vital Becoming is about the essential action of returning wholeness.


My Story

vchiang bird of paradise.png

I ended up in my first nidra class by complete accident.

My life at the time was filled with constant travel, staying busy to feel less, and moving quickly to avoid a nagging sense something was off. 

Though I remember very little from that first class, it made enough of an impression on me that I eventually made my way back. Four years later - after three international moves, completing yoga teacher training, and meeting my life partner - I received the profound effects of yoga nidra as a very different person.

In one session, I found my thinking shifted. I had flashes of insight that connected all the dots in my life. On a physical level, I felt calm and deeply at peace.

It is my hope that yoga nidra offers you whatever you need in this moment - just as it so powerfully did to me years ago. Wherever you are right now, may nidra help you reconnect and feel vital.